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I'm not a "fitness influencer", but I am....

Not your every day inspirational fitness photo, I know, but I'm not your every day fitness influencer either! In fact, I'd go as far to say I'm not one at all. Stay with me *pauses above 'unfollow' button*... I'll explain.

There are some new people following along these days and so it feels like a good time to introduce myself and my space here on the gram.

I know so many of you have found me via @kayla_itsines and so you're definitely interested in hearing about my #bbg journey and that's totally fair. To be very brief (not my specialty), I started the program in July 2016, exactly eight weeks after the birth of my daughter.

That transformation picture you saw on Kayla's page yesterday? The left photo was my day one.

And the process of adopting a healthier lifestyle, including a commitment to #bbg, did and continues to do wonders for my physical and mental health - both of which were in a very vulnerable state at eight weeks postpartum.

I know you want the specifics: How many days a week do you work out? What do you eat? How long did it take you to see progress? What equipment do you have?

I can and will happily answer those questions for you, but the bottom line is that fitness, for me, was the starting point in finding my self worth by investing valuable (and very limited!) time and energy in myself. Something women, and I think especially Moms, tend not to do.

So who am I? I'm a woman, just like you, who made a conscious decision to prioritise herself.

I'm a Mom of two young children (4 and 2) that struggles daily to find the elusive "balance" between motherhood and self fulfilment.

I'm a wife (we'll be married ten years this October), a sister (I have five siblings), daughter, friend, *hopeful* entrepreneur, current work horse (laugh) in the world of public relations. I’m a writer. A storyteller and an avid journaler.

I’m a leader.

And on that last note, I hope you’ll join me and #100STRONG this Monday (January 14th) in weekly challenges to help you build community and confidence while embarking on your health goals. More on that soon…


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