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I've never considered myself a "morning person"... even when I was one. For two years I woke up at 5AM to exercise and get ready for the day before my two children woke up and my day became about them and their needs. Still, I didn't consider myself a "morning person", because it never came naturally to me. It was a choice. It was intentional. And it was the best gift I could give myself every day.


I’m on a mission to reestablish this routine, which is essentially a habit that needs to be created and committed to. And while the physicality of it is awesome and consistent exercise is an important healthy habit to strive towards, for me it’s more about the intentional time I am gifting myself, starting my day prioritizing me, and keeping the promises I make myself.


The Confidential Club is a group of women who share a goal of establishing a solid morning routine that starts with movement and ‘me time’. We support and uplift each other, share tips and strategies that work, and practice accountability by sharing our goals and celebrating our successes. Each week every member who has achieved their personally-set goal will be entered into a draw to win  a $50 gift certificate from The Cofidential Club sponsor, KNIX.

*Program runs from Tuesday May 25 - Friday June 25, 2021


  1. Subscribe via the Subscribe Form below

  2. Transfer $5 (CAD) via PayPal or email transfer to

  3. Include your email address and IG handle in the message of your chosen payment method

  4. Keep a look out for an email confirmation with a link to our private Facebook Group

  5. Follow along on IG @confidentiallykatie and via the #TheConfidentialClub hashtag

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